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 Hometown physio 300A


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  • physiotherapy clinic pain reliefGet back to the healthy lifestyle you deserve
  • sport injury treatmentServing Your Hometown with Two Convenient Locations— Brockville & Smiths Falls
  • Knee Pain TreatmentsReduce Pain • Restore Motion • Enhance function and performance
  • shoulder and neck pain treatmentHometown Physio — proven muscle pain and joint injury treatments
  • Massage therapyWorkers Compensation Claims and most Health Insurance providers


Evaluate, Assess and Treat

Physiotherapy clinics experienced in sports medicine and pain management. Committed to achieving results quickly and effectively.

Hometown Physiotharapy provides advanced technologies and proven methods from certified therapists.

Weekend Warriors

We can help get you back on track!

Runner, dancer or rugby player — strains, sprains and tears are all part of playing any sport.

Fortunately, most sports injuries can be treated effectively, and most people who suffer injuries can return to their previous level of physical activity after an injury.

Orthotics & Bracing

A Wide Variety of Products and Expertise

Our GaitScan System is a revolutionary diagnostic tool.

GaitScan measurements provide today’s Healthcare Professionals with a sophisticated explanation of foot mechanics and assists them with orthotic and/or shoe solutions.

The Hometown Physiotherapy, Sports Injury & Massage clinics offer a full range of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sport medicine services. We welcome those who have sustained injuries through WSIB and motor vehicle accidents.

All of our clinics are physiotherapist-owned.
Our caring and professional staff take pride in leading you on the road to your recovery.